What's the difference between Admins and Host?


Conversation from Slack:

@patcon question:

I’m Adding someone. Would they be able to admin just like me? or would they just show up as a “contributor” with some title, but no parity of privileges?

@piamancini response:

All members share same privileges.
Host: has member privileges + can pay expenses and manually add funds.
When you manage the collectives, the account you will share is likely the host account. So I suggest using an address to manage the host that you can forward to several inboxes.
We have a no-password system

@patcon response:

I’m just documenting this:

  • There are two roles: admin and host.
  • Every admin members has same privileges.
  • Host is only a role when a collective needs its own bank account (ie stripe connection).
  • Only one account/email can be host per collective.
  • OC recommends setting up a shared email alias for the host.