What to know if I want to be a host?


What you need to know:

You should be receiving emails for new expenses filed, approved and pay. Please email support@opencollective.com if you are not.

You can approve, reject and pay expenses by clicking on the buttons on the email you receive as well as on the collective’s website https://opencollective.com/wwcodeaustin/transactions

You can manually add funds to a collective directly from the website. This is useful when you receive a donation for a collective through a wire transfer or paypal or when you want to allocate your funds to a collective. Go to https://opencollective.com/wwcodenyc/expenses and you’ll see Submit Expense, Request Money and Add Funds. You’ll need to be logged in with the host email to see this functionality. Also, there is no fee for doing this.

Paypal limits the funds available on the pre-approval key (USD $2,000). When that limit is reached - and sometimes at random times, let’s face it, it’s paypal - you’ll need pre-approve again. This means logging into Paypal and refreshing the pre-approval key. You can now do that from the collective’s expenses page. (https://opencollective.com/wwcodenyc/expenses). You’ll need to be logged in with the host email to see this functionality.

You can modify the expenses’ payout method (Paypal or Already Reimbursed) from the collective’s expenses page.(Coming soon!)

Last but not least, while we are migrating, the system might be a bit temperamental. Send us a note to support@opencollective.com or slack.opencollective.com anytime with bugs report or if something isn’t working as usual.