Webinar with Pia, overview of the Open Collective Platform


Thanks to @piamancini for walking a group of us through the Open Collective platform. It was super valuable and I really appreciate her taking the time to explain a lot of the platform, the roadmap, and the vision.

Griffin from Colony was there and I think in general there were a lot of ideas of how Open Collective does a great job of connecting into the “traditional” finance / accounting / legal system, and that systems like Colony are working on full online decentralization tools, and how these two could work together.

I’ll share this with the Ethereum Magicians and other decentralized / open source groups, and we’ll experiment more with using the platform directly.

(Colony just released a very interesting voting for budgets system called BudgetBox that people might find interesting)

Here’s the video recording from Zoom:

Learning that companies can set themselves up as “hosts” and accept other projects and collectives into their company was a big eye opener for me.

Further notes and questions were captured in this HackMD doc:


This was kicked off through a discussion on the EthMagicians forum:



Thanks again @piamancini for leading this webinar! As mentioned over Twitter, this was one of the most informative overviews of how open projects and communities are using Open Collective to enable collaboration and sustain.

It was particularly interesting to hear that WordPress was beginning to use Open Collective much in the same way the community @boris and his old company first turned me onto was already doing.

It would be great if there were more sessions like this at Open Collective meetups in local communities. As referenced in this issue, the aforementioned communities are just some of the few who serve as inspiration and potential for collaboration.

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