Remove Avatar Image from Profile


I upload an avatar image and a banner image. When the Avatar is overlayed on top of the background, it looks bad, so i want to remove it. There’s no way to do this in the UI. Is there some way to have it removed for us?


Hey @solvingj! Do you need to set the avatar to default?

You can simply add a different picture there from the EDIT PROFILE (How to edit your collective?)

Some users simply want the default avatar, but we don’t currently have a way to do this form the interface.

Let me know if you have another image you want to use or if you want the default one.


We added a 64x64 transparent PNG as our avatar to achieve our goal. Thanks!


Thanks for your quick reply!

We are looking in to a solution for users to simply click a “set back to default” button for that.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.