Quick Start Guide for Collectives


Once you have your collective up and running, you can manually add funds, upload your expenses and create events for your community.

In order to receive financial contributions, you need to connect a stripe account to the collective. If you don’t have one, we can help you find a host organization that can act as your fiscal sponsor. Read more on hosts here.

In the meantime:

Quick start guide:

1. Make your collective your own. Login and hover over elements to edit them. A few will need to be edited manually by us, so please email support@opencollective.com for things like background -you can see an example here (and many more) - or adding core contributors to the collective.

2. Add backers/sponsors to Github/Website. You can add your backers to your website here and Github

3. Start tracking expenses. Start submitting expenses, so others can see what costs you are incurring. It helps to raise money.

4. Spread the word: if you have a twitter account, you can connect it to your collective and automatically thank your backers. See here how to do it.

5. Launch! people need to know you have a collective now. Write a blog post, we can help you share it, tell people what’s the vision, why you are raising money, what do you want to use it for.

That’s it! We are always on slack.opencollective.com and in our forum if you need to ask a question to our team/community.

Welcome aboard!