Plans for the OpenCollective community?


I must admit I’m a little bit at a loss for what your intent is for this community. After you opened the doors to the forum in October I’ve seen little to no effort to actually bring people in here. There are no incoming links elsewhere, and all my topics so far have gone unanswered.

I’m a huge fan of OpenCollective and would be happy to spend some of my time advising on community management, but I can’t do much for a community that’s practically invisible to the average OpenCollective visitor!


Hey @erlend_sh, I’m sorry, I’m the one documenting how the platform works. Yes, we have been really busy with the latest release and I’m pretty new to Discourse. One of the things we want to have is a link directly on our website menu. We can connect and you can show me around Discourse and best practices.


For starters it’s imperative that you make the forum more visible. There should be a clearly visible link to your forum on This should also be the go-to place you refer people to when they’re looking for help. Your forum is your “first line of defence”. Private emails or chat comes second, because that information doesn’t become searchable online, hence it doesn’t help pre-emptively answering any questions.

Second, strongly consider moving your opencollective repo discussion over to your forum. We have a migration tool for this. It’ll only migrate the content, not the user data, but it’s a good way to seed discussions.

This repo gives a high level overview of the OpenCollective project. This is where we will discuss broad topics such as general documentation, FAQ, new features and how to contribute to the project.

There is currently a severe overlap between that repository and your forum.

More community primers here:


All right! thanks for the info, I’ll ask the team ro make the forum more visible to our community. Give me some time to go over this articles you posted here.



Any news on this? The biggest TODOs remain the same.

If adding “Community” or “Help” to the top menu is too much, you could at the very least add it in the footer:

And at the end of “How it Works”, change it to “Visit our GitHub or our forum community

This is still the #1 hindrance for this forum. I see newer Issues in this GitHub repo are starting to go unanswered.