Open Collective Product features



Core functionalities

At its core, OpenCollective allows any community to collect and disburse money transparently.
The money is stored on the bank account of an host organization.

That includes:

  • Set up a page for a community with basic info (name, long and short description, image/video)
  • Define multiple tiers of membership: e.g. free to be a member, $5/month to be a “backer”, $1,000/year to be a “sponsor”
  • Users should be able to pay by credit card (Stripe) or PayPal (we should also support other means of payment in the future, both online and offline)
  • Submit an expense with a photo of the receipt or a PDF
  • Approve expenses at least at the host level, ideally also at the collective level
  • Approve donations above a certain threshold (i.e. collectives may want to approve sponsors)
  • Provide the host organization an export of all the transactions for accounting purposes


  • Host Organization or individual who has access to the bank account (PayPal account atm) and who “host” one or more collectives
  • Admin Member(s) of the collective who can approve expenses
  • Contributor Member(s) of the collective who have an active role in the collective
  • Backer People who donate recurrently (preferably monthly) a specific amount that define the tier and type of backer (tiers/amounts defined by collective, e.g. Member/Backer/Supporter/…)
  • Sponsor Organizations that donate recurrently (preferably annually) a predefined amount that define the tier and type of sponsor (tiers/amounts defined by collective, eg. Gold/Silver/Bronze sponsor)
  • Donor​ People who donate one time and define the amount they wish to donate
  • Follower​ People who just signed up to follow the activities of the collective

Other functionalities not yet developed

  • Posts: any member of collective should be able to submit a post (for example to do a summary of the latest meetup, share pictures/videos, etc.). More details about this feature

3rd party functionalities

We would love to explore how we can make it easy for 3rd parties to develop apps for OpenCollective. For example, it would be great to have a polling app to take decisions as a collective, or some analytics about usage and geographic distribution of members, etc. Join the conversation


We should also have some kind of a plugin architecture to make it easy to support different providers such as different local payment gateways, different messaging apps (bots), or different newsletter apps, etc. Join the conversation