Is there a demo mode for our bookeeper to test host features?


Question from User:

If i want to let our bookkeeper test the expenses process, is there a way to let them test out host features without making them create/connect a stripe account and do the “scary new thing” of authorizing stripe on a real bank account?

Like, is there a simpler demo mode for stakeholders like bookkeepers, who aren’t keen to do the sort of deep dive that I am?

I’m hoping to make it as simple as possible for them, so Open Collective comes across in the best possible light :slightly_smiling_face:


Response from Open Collective team member:

For sure, we can make them host, and they can add funds.

We submit test expenses as ‘already reimbursed’ so they can mark them as PAID without that triggering a payment.

Open Collective can also email you the reports we send to the host each month

This is the best thing for you to show them really