How to submit an expense


To submit an expense you have to head to the page of the Collective you’re submitting the expense to, and click “Submit Expense”.

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You can also navigate to:“collective-name”/expenses/new

(where “collective-name” is the name of your collective).

You will see this form where you will need to upload a receipt or invoice, and provide your contact details and PayPal address.

This form asks for:

  • The picture of the original receipt of the expense incurred


Credit card statements are not useful to prove as an expense, it needs to be a picture, PDF or e-mail receipt.

  • re-type the expense amount
  • select a category
  • a description of the expense

You will be asked to enter your information:

  • Full name
  • e-mail address
  • Paypal e-mail where you want the money reimbursed
  • date of the expense

If you have already paid for the expense but you need to register it, just chance the option under “Reimburse Via” field.

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And select "already reimbursed", or “other”:

There are two ways of using your Collective’s money:

  • Submit a receipt for something you paid for, like online services, meals, plane tickets, etc.
  • Submit an invoice for your work. The invoice must include your current address and be made to Open Collective Inc (or to the host if the Collective is hosted by another organisation) with reference to the Collective name. The expense amount will be listed on the Collective page, but the invoice itself is only visible to the host and core contributors (not public).

If you are submitting an invoice for your work, in addition to the invoice you’ll need to fill out and send us ( one of the following forms. You only need to do this once:

  • US nationals and/or residents fill up this form

  • Not US nationals or residents use this one for individuals and this one if you are invoicing from a company.

Here is a template for an invoice. Please leave Open Collective details as they are and edit everything else.

Only expenses approved by core contributors will be paid.

To approve your team’s expenses:

Use the links on the notification email or log in to your collective and click on the expense. Expenses are paid once a week on Fridays. Please contact Support if you have any questions.

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If your collective is hosted under Open Collective (as your fiscal sponsor) then do not forget to add this info to your invoice:

Open Collective’s details:

OpenCollective, Inc.
EIN: 47-3896707
340 S LEMON AVE #3717
Walnut CA 91789