How to export your collective members and backers?


You may want to export a list of your collective’s backers and members to message them or add them to a list or DB.

You can now do this by login in to your collective and clicking EDIT COLLECTIVE:

Now you are presented with the edit menu, click on the “Export” option:

You have different options on what to export:

  • Members
  • Backers
  • Organizations (sponsors)

You are also presented with the option to export in CSV file or a JSON.

If you click the Export CSV file button, it may take you to a site like this depending on your browser:

In that case, to save the file, just head to your browser options and click save as:
52 PM

When the save window opens, edit the name of the file to make it end with “.csv” before saving:
37 PM

If you decided to export the JSON files then I suggest making a right click on the link to show options and click “Download linked file” to download the file directly in JSON format:

48 PM

Well that’s it, just open the file to check the format on your preferred spreadsheet app.

Let me know if you have any trouble doing this by commenting below.