How to edit your organization profile?


This process is very similar to editing your profile.

I recommend reading “How to create an organization to contribute to a collective?” topic first.

Once you are logged in with the email you used to create an organization you can head to the top right menu to navigate to your organization profile.

18 PM

My example is in Spanish, but you should also be able to see it in red under the “discover” option. Click on it to access your organization profile.

Once in your organization page, you should see a “EDIT ORGANIZATION” option either on the menu bar or under it as a button.

Again, my profile language is set to Spanish and I already did some customization, I circled the two areas where you should click on to enter edit mode:

Click on EDIT ORGANIZATION to access the edit mode:

You have several options here:

  • Info: edit general organization info like name, description, website, twitter and long description.
  • Images: Change logo and cover picture, we recommend a light background since the font color is dark.
  • Members: Just like in a collective, you can add organization members. More info on adding members.
  • Payment methods: View, edit and change payment methods. You can also set a monthly spending limit for your organization members using your organization name to support collectives.
  • Advanced: Here you can change your organization URL slug.

Don’t forget to click save to make your edits visible on the front end!