How to edit an expense in a Collective?


Ok, let’s suppose you entered the wrong amount on an expense that has already been approved. Editing expenses should only be done when the amount is incorrect or if you need to update the uploaded invoice, chance description, category or payment method.

To edit an expense you first have to be logged in as the organization that manages expenses for the collective. Once logged in, you can either access you collective expenses manually or directly through the link: where :collective-slug is the slug of your collective.

If you decide to do it manually, login and head to the top right corner menu to pull down the options, and click on the name of the collective you wish to edit an expense:

18 PM

Now, head to the “Budget” section and click on “View All Expenses”:

Once in, scroll to the expense you wish to edit.

Click on “View Details” to make sure it’s the right one:

Ok, if it is the one you want to edit, click “edit”, you will be able to edit the expenses field:

You can Edit:

  • Expense description
  • Expense Invoice
  • Category
  • Amount
  • Payout Method
  • Private note (It’s nice to add a note on why you are making the change)

Once you have made your edits, click the blue “save” button.

Click on “View Details” to make sure it’s the right one:

Once approved, the expense edits will be reflected in your collective’s transactions. :slight_smile:

Hope this guide helps you, this is a newly introduced feature, if you have any feedback do not hesitate to write us.