How to create tiers for your collective?


When creating a collective you may want to define the different backer/sponsor amounts. Here I will show you how to do this from your collective’s profile.

1. Login to your collective.


3. Now go to “tiers” section:

4. Once in the tiers section you will see the tiers editing tool:

Here we have many configurations for tiers:

  • Type: select if its just a donation or a ticket sale.
  • Name: whats the tittle of your tier? I used Backer and Backer Plus you can create one for “sponsors”.
  • Description: you can leave this blank or use it to define what makes that tier different.
  • Amount: set the amount of the contribution.
  • Interval: how often do you want them to support you? Once, monthly, or yearly.
  • Available quantity: here you define if you want that tier to be limited to a certain number or unlimited (leave empty for that).

If you would like to create another tier: click on the blue “add another tier” button.

5. Once you are done adding tiers and editing them, don’t forget to save your changes:

6. Finally, head back to your collective’s main page, you should be able to see the tiers you just created: