How to create an organization to contribute to a collective?


There are different reasons why you may want to create an organization:

  • One of them is because you want to show up as a sponsor when you contribute to a Collective.
  • Another reason can be the fact that you want your employees to be able to support some collectives as part of your organizations.

If you want to create an organization profile, you must do it by visiting the collective’s profile that you want to sponsor.

Let’s suppose you want to sponsor the Webpack Collective.

You visit their collective and select a tier to contribute:

Then you are presented with this page where you need ot give your user details:

In order to create an organization profile you must fill the next section too, here you can add your company’s card:

Depending on the collective you are supporting, your will be presented with different options to contribute:

Once you confirm your contribution your organization profile will be created

Now you will be redirected to a profile page where you wont be able to edit it’s content because you need to login first.

Give our database some minutes while it processes your new organization profile.
To be sure, give it around 10 minutes, otherwise it will ask you to create a user with the email you used to create the organization (you don’t want that).

Now, head to your email inbox, you should have received an email like this:

Click on “clicking here” hyperlink to log in with the email you provided (circled above).
Make sure you are logged out of other profiles.

You are now taken to a profile created for the email that was used to create the organization, this is not the organization profile, but you can edit it to customize it.

On that same profile if you scroll down you will see the “collectives” you are supporting, in this case it means the “Organization” you manage.

You can also use the top right corner menu to head directly to the organization profile.
18 PM

Click on the name of your organization, my example is in Spanish, but your organization should also be under the “discover” legend.

Now you are really inside your organization profile with EDIT permissions :slight_smile:

To EDIT ORGANIZATION details click here.

How to edit your organization profile?