How to cancel a subscription as a backer of a Collective?


There are many reasons why you may decide to cancel a subscription and stop backing a Collective. Here I show one of the reasons some users cancel a subscription to back a collective and how to do it.

Long story short:
You can control your subscriptions on the “” link.

Some users may want to cancel to make the subscription match with the billing period, like in this case below:

Email from user:

I have just created a new monthly subscription and in the welcome email it said that it’s going to be billed on the first of every month. So it looks like I’m going to be billed again in 2 days for the month of October while my current payment will be applied for part of the month of September which has just ended. Can I still cancel my subscription and get a refund for the amount and I’ll enroll again in couple of days?

Open Collective team member response:

Go ahead to and cancel it. Let me know when you do and I can refund the payment.


You should see it in the next week.

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