How to add contributors to your collective?


The new release of Open Collective now allows you to manage your collective’s contributors. Here are the steps required to edit them:

1. Login to your collective.

3. Head to “members” tab

4. You will see the members editor, click on add another member:

Now we have several things to define:

  • Role: “core contributor” or just “contributor”.
  • Name: display name of the contributor.
  • Email: set the email or your contributor.
  • Description: some people may want to use this to define the contributor’s role.

Once you are done adding the members of your collective, just click on “save”.

Ability to request edit permissions on a collective
How to edit your organization profile?

There’s no way to see in your profile which email you’ve already registered with. That’s a bit bothersome when you’re requesting an invite but don’t know if you’ve got an account already or not.


That’s very good feedback. let me look that up… nope.

Let me document that as an enhancement in our list.