Extinction Rebellion on Open Collective

Hi everyone. A couple of XR chapters have joined Open Collective recently. Welcome!

I wanted to open this channel so that we can share what we each do when it comes to fundraising for our actions. That way we can learn from each other. I’m myself part of XR Belgium.

Local XR chapters on Open Collective so far:

Please introduce yourself so that we know who you are (feel free to use pseudonym, but would be good to know from which chapter you are). And share what are your current plans for fundraising.

I’ll start:
I’m Xavier, I’m part of XR-Belgium, right now we have “22 rebels” as backers of our open collective. Our first strategy was to ask the people in the community first to support our actions. We have been using the money so far mainly for stickers, art supplies, tshirts.
We would love to introduce the concept of “Adopt a rebel”, to get people to support a particular rebel in the community so that they can work at least part time to sustain the movement and do more actions. We’ll keep you posted as we go!

Hey Xavier!

Thanks for connecting us all.

Tim and I are coordinating the Finance Working Group in XR Hackney.

We are just starting to use Open Collective but have membership growing fast in the borough into the thousands I believe (it’s the largest XR group in London… and there are around 30 groups in London).

So far we have only just put a link into our Signal group and not got a high immediate take up, but in the next few weeks we are planning to send a link plus a video plus some text about an Uprising Festival we will do in July in Hackney our via Facebook, Instagram, email etc.

We are also focusing on setting ourselves up as a Community Interest Company (legal entity) and getting a bank account set up with the ethical focused bank Triodos, as this will significantly reduce the fees we are charged on donations.

Longer term, we are planning to raise money with crowdfunding appeals for specific events (but not asking for regular donations as this could conflict with XR central also appealing for this), having QR codes on flyers, potentially using an “iZettle” devices to allow card payments on the street or in meetings, having ticketed events like music and film screenings, and creating a social enterprise like a cafe / restaurant, possibly in a garden space we have reclaimed illegally, or in a space that is donated for our use (e.g. by the local government) because it is disused.

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Hi Xdamman

Just building on what Evin has said, I was wondering if you know of any XR groups that have set themselves up as a Fiscal Host - either for themselves or for other XR groups.

I’m keen to do so because It would be great to host smaller groups to save everyone the hassle of opening a bank account and to save some of the fee that Open Collective charges.


Morgan told me that XR Hackney was creating a limited company to act as their host. That would be fantastic if that’s the case and if they could open their host to other chapters (at least in the UK since it’s the same currency).

For the euro zone, we were considering creating a dedicated host for XR. But we need to put together a working group for that. It’s a lot of administrative work. It would be useful to know who would be interested in that.

Hey Xavier - Tim and I are both from XR Hackney - we’re starting the process of setting up a community interest company and Triodos Bank account but we haven’t done it yet. We were waiting to confirm what address to use till now

This is great news!
Once you have that set up, you can switch the host on open collective from Open Collective Europe ASBL to your new entity.

Do you think you could also host other XR collectives in the UK? So that they won’t have to go through the same pain of setting up such entity and bank account.

I don’t know if we can do that but once we have set up we can explore