Creating sister collectives?


I created the EthMagicians collective in the US.

Now we’re looking at doing an event in the EU (and frankly all the events last year were in Europe).

Do I just create a new collective? How do I link the two?

Is there a different way I should be thinking about structuring / connecting multiple collectives around the same mission that happen globally?



Hi Boris!

You can create the event directly in your collective. No need to create a separate collective for them.

If you want different collectives tied up under the same umbrella - if you host them all - they’ll all show up under your host organization.

It looks like you created ETH magitians under the 501c6, the open source collective fiscal sponsor instead of your own. Was this intended?



Right but then it is all in USD? This is what I ran into previously.

Also — this for more EU based events going forward.



If you want to have an event in a different currency, then yes you’ll have to create a new collective in that currency.



Sorry to keep asking on this, but back to my original question – what is the recommended way to do “sister” collectives? The same “organization” / project / mission but based in different countries.

Is it just to create a new one? Or can one own or be linked to the other?




If they share the same host, that’s how they are linked, you’ll see them under the host organization like

If they have different hosts, we can link them via tags like So add the same tag every time a new one is created (or let me know and I can do it if a collective is set up with a different tag)

In both cases, I recommend having different collectives for each country each with it’s own currency.



Hi Boris,
I just saw a new collective from your community applying to be hosted by open collective europe. I approved it but just making sure that this was your intention.
The collective’s budget will be hosted by our european association, not by your organization. I am mentioning this, because you could also host a collective in EURO in your own host.
It is less efficient, because of the currency exchange, but it’s an alternative if you want to keep everything under your own management.



Hi Pia!

Thank you!

I do intend to experiment with “self hosting” with some projects I control, but EthMagicians I think makes most sense with having an EU-based sponsor.



perfect, just double checking. :slight_smile: